There’s Always A Way…


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The Man (Who Stops The Monsters)


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Heroes – October ’21

Christopher Reeve’s Superman
Doctor Who – Hope


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Recent Drawings – Sep 21

Bull Alley. A4, Pen and Promarker

Thomas Court, A3, Pen and Promarker
Radiohead, A3, Pen and Promarker


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Doctor Who Series ’14’ – A prediction

More Doctor Who thoughts…

Chibnall And I


So I thought I’d throw up a quick idea that came into my head, as to where they might be taking Doctor Who after Chibs and ‘fam’ put us all out of our misery, and finally do one. And mainly so, in a year’s time, if it happens, I have a handy ‘told ya so’ to hand.

Now, this IS based on a rumour that came out a few weeks ago, regarding Jodie apparently filming three different regeneration scenes. I think they may well split The Doctor (Jodie’s ‘Doctor’) into three Jodies (call them clones, or Timelord metacrsises, or whatever), and that each of them will then regenerate into three different actors. I’m guessing a woman, a man, and a tickbox. This would also explain another new rumour that there won’t be just ONE showrunner, but several. They could either take turns with each Doctor in a series, or…

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Doctor Who – Series 13 – Final Episode List

Chibnall And I

These are the final episode details for series 13 of Doctor Who, returning this Octember to BBC1:

Episode 1: The Clickbait of Doom

All of the Doctor’s major enemies return for this belter of a season opener. Unfortunately The Doctor’s not there to greet them, it’s still that woman in the rainbow T-shirt. Oh ok, we’ll go along with calling her The Doctor for one more season, sure fuck it, why not? Anyway, the monster conglomerate have brought along their new weapon, the Canon cannon. They’ve decided Liverpool is the best spot, so we can explain new companion Dan’s accent. Yaz is worried.

Episode 2: The Germans Bombed Our Chipshop

The Fam travel back to Dan’s hometown during the Blitz, on the off chance there are any unenrolled men they can lecture. Dan insists on doing all this dressed as a pirate so the trailers make it look like it’s…

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“When I Say Panic…”

The second Doctor, Pat Troughton. A4, pen and marker.


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Mdmty Burns


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Drawings 23/12/20

Cloud City
Self portrait


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Heroes and Villains – Art 20/12/20

Tom Waits
Ramirez battles the Kurgan
Old Man Logan


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