Greetings, reader (and I hope I don’t mean that literally),
A new blog entry, for a new-look website, for a (nearly) new year! All go, isn’t it? I’ve actually got a lot on the cards at the moment (including an animation project and one or two TV things in my possible pipeline). I’ve also finally taken the plunge, and will be doing a couple of comedy festivals in the U.S. in 2014, starting in February…


Comedy news: December 17th marks my ten years on the Irish comedy circuit, ten years TO THE DAY since I did my first Battle of the Axe, and to celebrate, I will be putting on a special show of comedy friends who have been there since the beginning, in The Ha’penny Bridge Inn (Home of the Battle) on Tuesday 17th of December. Line up to be announced, but it’ll be the usual suspects, including a welcome return from one mister Padraig Fox 🙂

On the subject of comedy, here’s a couple of recent clips I did in The Comedy Cellar, and The Comedy Crunch…

I will also be taking a break from the ins and outs of social media over the next few months, partly to avoid any spoilers coming up to the Doctor Who 50th anniversary, but mainly because I feel like I’m drowning in a sea of shit*. Hopefully by the new year, all my work and communication will be funneled through this very site! I don’t even appear to have much on my YouTube page. You can go and look, there’s fuck all there…See? You gotta come here to see my shi… um, videos, from now on, and I shall continue to keep everything ad free as long as possible.


So, that’s all the news for now. I shall leave you with this cartoon:


Oh, and this song:


*EDIT: I realise this ‘sea of shit’ reference may sound a trifle disingenuous towards fellow web users. Obviously, I have some great friends on these things, even people I only know online. And they are blessed little islands of sanity floating in the Sea of Shit. I shall elaborate on what I see as the ‘darker’ side of social networking sites in future blogs. Oh yes.


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