God Is Experiencing Limited Connectivity

As the more sane of us are aware, there is no one answer, certainly on our parts, to the question of the existence (or not) of a Supreme Intelligent Being.

So here’s my current theory (and I say ‘current’, because one always has to leave one’s self open to change, something the arrested development of the religious does not allow for):

God, as an entity, is very much like the internet. It was created by a few, and is used by the many, but it has no awareness of our existence, and is only as sane as its users. But boy, it’s certainly capable of judgment, isn’t it.. I mean.. aren’t we?

The unfortunate thing about a human-led God is this: What percentage of the human race would YOU trust with your life OR soul? Yep. Scary, isn’t it?

Let’s take a recent case in point. Someone put up a video recently of a guy getting thrown out of a nightclub in Galway, and consequently taking his drunken frustration out on a wheelie bin, falling, getting up, walking off… I’d see it in my timeline, and the usual comments went along the lines of ‘spastic’ or ‘twat’, but mostly people laughing at what they see as an idiot. Really? Like YOU’VE never fucked up? Maybe count yourself lucky if you HAVE ever fucked up, it was before every other fucker had a camera and a worldwide audience. You have no idea how this guy felt next day. A drunken mistake where only a bin got hurt, and an unclear drunken memory, it would probably take time for the mental bruises of his own embarrassment to fade, but the judgment of God… sorry, did it again there… OTHERS is now clearly on display. Imagine that embarrassment, sense of judgment and a hangover combined. And you wonder why there’s a helicopter floating over Galway city EVERY night, fishing bodies out of the water.

Even remember the wobblies you threw as a teenager, in front of your family, or classmates, feeling no-one understands you, but it would all blow over, fading from people’s memories as you, and they, continued to grow and get on with things. Well now there’s a live feed of teenagers’ wobblies, playing, in perpetuity, for all to scoff at. As teens go through that phase of feeling no-one understands them they turn to social media for immediate support or understanding, not realising, that, look… God’s busy with his own stuff, though never too busy for a good laugh. And the percentage of true understanding you can expect from strangers online is not that big, because very few of us have it all figured out ourselves. We just don’t like to admit it.

We ALL have growing up to do. Constantly. If you think you’re 100% there yourself, just remember how easily you slipped into your own blackest moments.



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