Star Wars: The Force (Re)Awakens…

RE: Star Wars: I am of that perfect age (born in 1970) where I was there for the whole shebang, from the beginning. I ate, breathed, and slept Star Wars. A highlight was when ITV showed episode IV for the first time, on a bank holiday Monday, way back in the early ’80s (I still remember the cover of that week’s TV Times), and recorded it on audio cassette, with my little Binatone tape recorder up against the TV. Two full C-60s! That summer was a constant soundtrack of the whole movie, and having to constantly fix the cassettes with a Bic biro. I can still, to this day, recite the entire film by heart. My entire teenage years were spent chasing down every new issue of the Star Wars / Return of the Jedi comic (even though I had a standing order in Dagge’s Newsagents, of Glasnevin, some issues failed to show up). In fact, it wasn’t til the comic folded in 1986, that a friend convinced me to try 2000 AD instead, but that’s another story.

About a year ago, I rewatched, for the umpteenth time, the original trilogy, and decided it was the last time I’d ever watch it. I was finally, at 44, exhausted by it, and sour with the memory of the prequels and updated effects of the originals.

Then came the latest installment. Now, I’ve heard people say it’s a rehash of the original movie, and yes, it does feel like that a bit, but it re-awoke something in me (The Force, maybe?). Last year, I watched Disney’s excellent Star Wars: Rebels animated series, and quite enjoyed it. Since seeing The Force Awakens, I’ve found myself, in the last few days, watching Rebels series 2. Then the Clone Wars ‘trad’ animated minisodes from 2003. Then the CGI movie of the same name. And now I’m 7 episodes into the first (of six) series of the CGI Clone Wars cartoon series, and loving it. I suspect I may even rewatch the prequels after this. I think I’m finally getting what Lucas wanted to do, and why he disapproves slightly of the new movie. Long and short of it is, I think I’ve fallen back in love with it all.

May The Force be With You!




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