Why aren’t there as many women etc?

Ok, here’s a thing: A few years ago, maybe ’08, I was in London, gigging. Had the daytimes to kill, so went to the Tate Modern. There was a ‘special’ wing, devoted to ‘women in art’. I had a look. Not ONE picture. Just a room full of framed blocks of type. All by women stating, basically, the ratio of women vs men in art, how unhappy they all were with it, and how it’s unfair. Then statistics about women’s history in art, and how the art world has downtrodden them. But I couldn’t help think, ‘well…where is the art?’
Men DON’T detract women from the arts, be it comedy, art. writing, etc. The dangerous, wanna-have talents do it to themselves, and use their ‘place’ to gain a foothold.
I have lived with mostly female friends, they are scientists, musicians, broadcasters, and all manner of things, and as a group there’s never been a ‘but they’re a woman’ vibe from anyone. Maybe it’s just people wanting to place themselves in ‘failure boxes’ because, quite frankly, they AREN’T capable. Guess what. Some men ‘aren’t capable’ either. Nuthin’ to do with you, ‘luv’.
Feminists: Thinking ‘less female comedians on the line-up’ as some sort of injustice is erroneous. It’s like asking why aren’t there more female alcoholics, or homeless, or rapists. If somethings are more of a male disposition… then they are.
Thanks to all who read, but not to those who zoned out after I mentioned rapists.


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