The Hero’s Journey

Sorry. Bit of a contentious title to this blog. But I was told recently by a woman I love very much, yet don’t fancy, that I had it in me to become a hero. I never understood her. But my brain had other ideas. It fucks me up, constantly.

Hi. I’m Robbie. My family hate me, and I’m trying to figure out why. I was always told I was one of the good guys, and I’m trying to figure that out too. Because it seems that’s not a welcome idea. I’ve had a lifetime of ‘best friends’ going off with every woman I ever met. and asking me to punch them. Giving out to me for feelings they had, and things they did. But I’m not a hitter of anyone but me. Never have been. But I get royally riled.

I’ve been told I now have to walk a long hard path, but it used to be so easy. Being TOLD it was hard made it hard. Once you let them get to you. Being thought of as having evil intentions makes you have them, when it had previously never occurred to you. Others’ blackness wears off on you. I can’t write my way out of this one, and writing was my higher power. Not comedy. Comedy is like breathing, it happens or it doesn’t. Being a ‘comedian’ is nothing. Other than an act of desparation. And you should never be desparate. But you have to be strong. Apparently.


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