Change, My Dear…

Nyah! Well THAT what excruciating.

If I may take a moment out of my busy street-wandering schedule, for some narcissistic meandering (hey let’s face it, I’m a ‘creative’. Everything I say or do is narcissistic), I’d like to go into some detail on my most recent regeneration. As regenerations go, this last one was tough. Almost violent, I’d say. And lasted a fucking year.

My new persona would appear to be a trifle… ‘spiky’. I like it.

Also liking the new costume (wine-coloured denim jacket, black hoody, dark blue jeans and green chucks) and even happy with the hairstyle.


I’ll keep it, I think.

Anyway, this is a warning to the monsters. I’m coming.

Onward and upward!

Doctor Robert


About R

Doctor Who fan
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