The Wall

Imagine, if you will, a wall. A huge white wall that They have built. Who They are I don’t know, but in Their infinite wisdom They have constructed a giant wall, as high and as wide as the eye can see. Then They give everyone a Sharpie. And I mean EVERYONE. Anyone who can hold a pen. The well, the unwell, the sane and the insane. And everyone is invited to ‘knock themselves out’. Write what ya like.

So, naturally, by the first hour, there are a few thousands drawings of cocks spurting out little splashes of semen, and a few thousand ‘for a good time, call this number’s. Then there are the people who think ‘oh this could be fun, I can do something creative’. There will be jokes, there will be drawings, there will be ideas, the will be affirmations, there will be opinions. All light enough, disposable creativity, what with the wall being so vast and so public.

Then there will be the opportunists, who think they can use the wall to change opinion. There will be people advertising things. Some of it might be seen, most won’t, because, you see, The Wall is so vast, and everyone else is busy writing their own head stuff at the world. Then someone will hit upon the idea to make money, by writing on The Wall that for a small fee, they can show you how to use The Wall to make money for yourself.

There will be award ceremonies for who’s best at writing on The Wall. Naturally, these ceremonies will take place in the form of writing, on The Wall.

Then there will be the ‘activists’, with a point to make. They are unhappy with something going on in the world, and think if they write on The Wall a LOT, this will change things. They will write, maybe even in CAPS, to make their pens heard. Other will write abuse over what they have written, because, you see, it is a vast public Wall, and not everyone is using it with the same goals. Also, did I mention, The Wall is available to ALL… the well, the unwell, the sane and the insane?

Some will then try to get through to other Wall-writers by telling of a major woe, or injustice. One or two other Wall-writers may notice it. But they could be well, unwell, sane, or insane.

Someone writes of an injustice to them in their past. Another writes ‘fuck off, you whore’ over it. Another writes ‘lol’ over that. Most people see none of it. They are all busy writing on the wall.

Some people tire of trying to get their words seen by the other Wall-writers, and walk away from The Wall, to find some other way to communicate their feelings to the world. Others now rely on The Wall. It is their ONLY outlet to the world.

Eventually, The Wall starts to fill up. Mainly with shite every other writer is too busy writing to read, but filling up. So They must extend The Wall.

This continues over time. Some write more and more, some give up and walk away. The Wall is continuously added onto. It’s now so wide it starts to curve into an arc, to support its own weight. People become more passionate about The Wall, either for their own purposes, or to disagree with the written stuff they’ve started to notice. There are arguments, all backed up by ‘Wall-bravery’, a new form of courage the people have discovered that, though violent, is physically confrontation-free. The Wall-bravery grows.

Some more people decide to walk away.

The Wall is still getting bigger, and has curved so much now, that it forms an almost complete circle around the people.

Some decide to walk away, before the ends of The Wall meet. Mostly the well and the sane.

Eventually they do, and a portion of the people can’t bring themselves to avail of the opportunity to get out before it becomes one big high circle. The Wall is their life now. It’s their only vindication for life. The Wall-bravery is unlike any sort of bravery they could ever hope to have had before the advent of The Wall. So they stay.

Outside the circular wall, a community thrives.

Now free of its gobshites.

Serling Rob


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Doctor Who fan
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