Been a while…

Hi all,

Just a wee update for anyone whose radar I’m still on. It’s, well… it’s been a hell of a year and a half, what with the various things that come with homelessness, AND addiction issues, but today I’m in a good (enough) place. It’s been a struggle, I won’t lie, but am through the worst of it, I feel. I finally had that ‘paradigm shift’ I was longing for, and I MAY talk about that another day, but this is just a quick check-in before I get to writing about it all properly.

There’s a lot to write about. My 9 month reliance on the ‘care’ of the religious, which brought with it its own madness, my eventual fall from ‘grace’ with them, and descent into proper homelessness. I met some good people in all those places though, some of whom I call friends still, and, on the flipside, I had to lose certain people from my life. Some things you just gotta walk away from. I also dealt with the death of my mother during this period. Anyway as I say, I’m in a good place now, and also starting to make up with people I’d fallen out with. I WILL write properly about my experiences soon, if they’re of any interest to anyone.

I’ll leave you (for now) with a couple of recent doodles.





Plus bonus cartoon:



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2 Responses to Been a while…

  1. Eamonn Elliott says:

    Glad to hear. Thems are mad looking demons you drew. Hope none are based on me 🤣 – E

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