Doctor, I Let You Go…

Well, hello there. Fancy seeing YOU here. No no, wait, now that I have you, take a seat. We might as well hash this all out now. I’ve a few bits I’d like to run by you. I’ve had a giant word-spill on the verge of happening for quite some time now, so I hope you have a fresh tube of info-roll to soak this up. No? Fuck sake, do I have to do everything? Here ya go.

Firstly, every good written article needs a hook (Yeah, I know, I’m already calling this ‘good’. Conceited much?), and Doctor Who is probably the best hook I can think of for now, though this is not all about Doctor Who. But there are parallels at play with a lot of what I have to say. You may not be a Doctor Who fan, but you’re probably aware of it. Those who know me know it’s always been the closest thing I’ve had to a ‘higher power’, since my early teens. It’s been my religion, my moral compass, my father figure, and is probably responsible for most of my lexicon. To this day, every situation I’m in, every person or event I encounter, a quote from the show comes into my head, straight away. I have basically lived this show all my life. You may think to latch on to a TV show is a bit sad / pathetic, but as I see it, no more sad or pathetic than latching onto a book written millennia ago by who the fuck knows. For fuck sake, you’d get more moral guidance from a box set of Quantum Leap now than a fucking bible. The bible(s) are essentially just the ‘pilot episode’ of man’s learning, so try moving onto to the rest of Humanity’s series now, maybe?

But I digress. The point I wanted to make is this: The latest series of Doctor Who is, as has been described my most intelligent reviewers online, a ‘dumpster fire’. And it’s the people who can’t see that that worry me. I’m talking metaphor here, by the way. By Doctor Who, I simply mean ‘all Human culture’. That’s not a big leap, is it? I opined quite positively about the most recent series right up until close to the end, when it started to dawn on me. In fact, the one counter question I get thrown at me when I criticise the show now is ‘Have you even actually WATCHED it?’ Of course I have. What sort of question is that to ask? What are ya, some sort of cunt?

Anyway, the show has many issues. As unpopular an opinion as it is to adumbrate, I don’t think a female Doctor is a great idea, but that’s the least of its issues. Characters with no character, threats with no villains, the storytelling has gone right down, in favour of ‘the message’, and the message that’s being put out by, not just this show, but a lot in pop culture today, is fucked. Let me give you just one example of something that bothered me in this new series’ ‘messages’:

In the episode ‘Kerblam’, the crew land on a moon that’s basically just a huge Amazon warehouse, processing deliveries to customers the galaxy over. One of the companions remarks that the androids greeting them are a bit freaky, to which the ‘Doctor’ remonstrates him on his ‘robophobia’, citing many of her friends are robots. “Oi! Don’t be so robophopic!” Really? It immediately cast my mind back to the 1977 story, ‘Robots Of Death’. The Doctor lands on a mining vessel which uses androids to run the ship. One of the Humans aboard, who spends most of his time working with the robots, has a mental breakdown, and we learn it’s due to robophobia, a genuine (in sci-fi) mental condition, where you get ‘freaked out’ by basically human-shaped automatons. As you would. Trust me, in 200 years time, this could be a very real thing. Ever caught sight of a mannequin in the the dark? It frightens the shit out of you. Now imagine what walking talking mannequins would do to your mind. Robophobia. It seems a plausibly scary thing in 1977, but now no, it’s a hate crime against our robot ‘friends’, that must be bottled down. And this is an all pervading attitude in today’s society that is gonna wipe us all out one day. There IS such a thing as ‘healthy fear’.

I’m not citing hate speech against any groups with a ‘phobia’ attached to them here, what I’m saying is there seems to now be a blanket ‘offence’ put on everything, usually by authorities, be it lawmakers, or media, or whoever, and the cunts of the planet don’t know why they’re offended, just that they are. This kind of thing is what spawned hermitage in the first place, you know. And that’s the problem. In trying to cater to the fuckwits, the rest of us have to sacrifice certain room to make mistakes, or express opinions that may be wrong or changeable. And held accountable for life.

It’s at this point I realise I’m gonna get nowhere close to what I really wanted to talk about. This is just the beginning. There’s the whole #metoo witch hunt, the #IBelieveHer bullshit, and the whole misuse of personal pronouns nonsense to get into (there are TWO sexes by the way. Pick one, and go for it), but that’s probably gonna have to be a whole series of other articles. And if you’re offended by the use of the word ‘cunt’, it’s probably because you hear it a lot.

Anyway, after nearly 40 years, I’m out, on the whole Doctor Who thing. Even watching old Doctor Whos is now like looking through photos of an ex you used to love, but turned into a bastard / bitch by the end. And I’m coming close to ‘out’ on the Humanity thing, too. But here’s one final point: If you’re offended by ANYTHING I’ve written here, hey… I’M no authority. I could be wrong. It’s the people who are beyond seeing THEY may be wrong that are the problem. Assholes will always exist. Stop adding to their number.



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  1. Gary Lynvh says:

    A great read

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