Robbie Bonham is a 44 year-old troubled coward, from Dublin, Ireland, on Midgard.

He was originally formed in 1970, but disbanded after ‘artistic differences’ in 1994. He got back together in 2003, with most of the original line up. Current members are:

Rob Bonham – Emotions (bad AND good), writing, guitar and vocals. Former stand up comedian, he is now recovering from a series of serious addictions. Except at weekends.

R. Bonham – Cartoons, illustrations, piano and backing vocals.

Robert Bonham – Lettering and percussion. The ‘body’ of the group, his aging husk holds the other members together.

Bob Bonham – Drugs (bad AND good), colours, additional keyboards, additional percussion and glockenspiel.


He can be contacted at robbiebonham@gmail.com


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