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Mixed messages, ground control, and pulled punches.

Hello. This is an attempt at writing as honestly as I can. I’m not in a good place, as any witnesses to my recent online outbursts would attest. As I type, I’m sitting in the Ashling hotel bar, starting my … Continue reading

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Howdy McDoody. A couple of bits for you, this blog. I’m knuckling down getting some cartoon strips done which hopefully will be disseminated into the ethernet in coming months. In the meanwhilst, here’s a couple of recent podcasts I partook … Continue reading

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An Old Man Ponders

He sat, hunched, on a stone bench on Dalry Road. His aged hand gripped the almost empty beer can, as he held it aloft, intently staring almost THROUGH it. I wondered what was going through his head. Not ‘Mmm. Fine … Continue reading

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Unhappy In The Haze

This is an issue of an old comic strip I used to do, called ‘Happy In The Haze’, for a pro ‘hemp’ newspaper, Soft Secrets, which went worldwide in head shops, and translated into several languages. When there were still … Continue reading

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What Am I?

So, I keep going to update my ‘bio’ on Twitter, and realise it’s actually harder than you’d think to quantify what you are, when put in simple terms. Am I a comedian? Cartoonist? Writer? Do I even DO any of … Continue reading

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