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Well, here we are. Or I am, anyway. Can’t vouch for you. This’ll be my last blog for a while, and the start of a general wind-down online. It’s more or less, as the title suggests, a look back on … Continue reading

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I Am The Beginning And The End.

‘What’s it like being a brilliant comedian, at the top of your stage game?’ I hear you all ask. Well now, you’ve come to the right person. Being a comedian, at my level, is more than just 20 minutes of … Continue reading

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Lessons in Perspective

The beauty AND horror of being based in Dublin city centre is you can go for a walk at any time, and see every walk of life, from the homeless to the rich, and everyone in between, such as tourists … Continue reading

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Been a while…

Hi all, Just a wee update for anyone whose radar I’m still on. It’s, well… it’s been a hell of a year and a half, what with the various things that come with homelessness, AND addiction issues, but today I’m … Continue reading

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What Dreams May Come

In my dreams, I’m never drinking. It doesn’t even be on my mind (whether I’m drunk or sober going to bed). I’m mixing with people. Mostly new people. Making things. Doing things. Hanging out. Though sometimes there’s weed around. It’s … Continue reading

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The Thomas House Diaries (part 1)

As part of my almost daily routine now, to kill the 3 or 4 hours between dinner on Merchant’s Quay, and my eventual walk back through a bleak landscape to my hostel for the night, and if I have the … Continue reading

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Change, My Dear…

Nyah! Well THAT what excruciating. If I may take a moment out of my busy street-wandering schedule, for some narcissistic meandering (hey let’s face it, I’m a ‘creative’. Everything I say or do is narcissistic), I’d like to go into … Continue reading

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