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Some Cartoons…

3 this week… 🙂 R Advertisements

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Howdy McDoody. A couple of bits for you, this blog. I’m knuckling down getting some cartoon strips done which hopefully will be disseminated into the ethernet in coming months. In the meanwhilst, here’s a couple of recent podcasts I partook … Continue reading

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It’s All A Stage…

2 new cartoons… Robbie 🙂

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Obsession is a funny thing. No great work of art or music, scientific discovery, or even religious crusade can ever have happened without it. Yet there are so many who see it as a bad thing. It in itself is … Continue reading

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God Is Experiencing Limited Connectivity

As the more sane of us are aware, there is no one answer, certainly on our parts, to the question of the existence (or not) of a Supreme Intelligent Being. So here’s my current theory (and I say ‘current’, because … Continue reading

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One Day, God Got Bored…

😉 Robbie

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