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Well, here we are. Or I am, anyway. Can’t vouch for you. This’ll be my last blog for a while, and the start of a general wind-down online. It’s more or less, as the title suggests, a look back on … Continue reading

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I Am The Beginning And The End.

‘What’s it like being a brilliant comedian, at the top of your stage game?’ I hear you all ask. Well now, you’ve come to the right person. Being a comedian, at my level, is more than just 20 minutes of … Continue reading

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Lessons in Perspective

The beauty AND horror of being based in Dublin city centre is you can go for a walk at any time, and see every walk of life, from the homeless to the rich, and everyone in between, such as tourists … Continue reading

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I Was Cured, All Right.

Hello. How’s things? You good? You LOOK well. Well… You could probably lose the nose ring, it’s not really you, but, no no… it’s your choice, I know! Anyway… It’s been a while since my last proper blog, about 7 … Continue reading

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It’s All A Stage…

2 new cartoons… Robbie 🙂

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Come Again?

Happy Easter 2014 Rob

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