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The Wall

Imagine, if you will, a wall. A huge white wall that They have built. Who They are I don’t know, but in Their infinite wisdom They have constructed a giant wall, as high and as wide as the eye can … Continue reading

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Call Me S.A.M. (Sober Angry Man)

“I’m here to look up places on Daft, and kick ass. And I’m all out of places.” Greetings, Spidey-fans. Homeless Bob here. Or Bobless for short. Another day, another blog. All I can really do at the moment is write. … Continue reading

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Life Before Social Media…

😀 R

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God Is Experiencing Limited Connectivity

As the more sane of us are aware, there is no one answer, certainly on our parts, to the question of the existence (or not) of a Supreme Intelligent Being. So here’s my current theory (and I say ‘current’, because … Continue reading

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Greetings, reader (and I hope I don’t mean that literally), A new blog entry, for a new-look website, for a (nearly) new year! All go, isn’t it? I’ve actually got a lot on the cards at the moment (including an … Continue reading

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Who needs the highlights when you can see it all live?

Times, they are a changin’. The hard part is knowing when and how to change with ’em. I’m currently holed up in my new home, away from the world and it’s trousers, for the next two months, whilst I concentrate … Continue reading

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